The Best Air Jordans of All Time

  1. 1

    Air Jordan 11

    These were the sneakers Jordan wore when the Bulls won the NBA title in 1996. As the first Air Jordan ever to have patent leather, the Air Jordan 11 is still incredibly popular today and Jordan can be seen wearing these in the movie Space Jam.
  2. 2

    Air Jordan 3

    The Air Jordan 3 was simply revolutionary. These were the first Air Jordans to feature the iconic jumpman logo the brand is known for as well as the first to have the elephant print.
  3. 3

    Air Jordan 1

    They started it all. First released in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 has stood the test of time and are still popular 32 years later.
  4. 4

    Air Jordan 12

    Known for their metal lace loops, the Air Jordan 12 is truly one of a kind. They are best known as the shoes Jordan wore during his “flu game.”
  5. 5

    Air Jordan 4

    These were the first Air Jordan sneakers to be released globally. Jordan was wearing these when he hit “The Shot” against Cleveland in the first round of the 1989 playoffs.
  6. 6

    Air Jordan 6

    Jordan won his first NBA title wearing these sneakers. They are well-known for their two-holed tongue and they were also the last Air Jordan to feature the Nike Air logo.
  7. 7

    Air Jordan 13

    The Air Jordan 13 was very prominent in popular culture as they were seen in the movie He Got Game. They were also worn by Ray Allen when he broke Reggie Miller’s all-time three point record in 2011.
  8. 8

    Air Jordan 5

    These are some of the most stylish Air Jordans ever made. They are especially well-known for their translucent rubber soles that made them very unique.
  9. 9

    Air Jordan 9

    These were the first pair of Air Jordans released after Jordan retired for the first time. He is seen wearing these sneakers in his statue outside of the United Center in Chicago.
  10. 10

    Air Jordan 23

    The Air Jordan 23 was special because it identified with Jordan’s playing number. Their hand-stitched exterior made them stand out from the rest.

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