Nike Air Max 94 Retro | Two 2015 Colorways

Nike Air Max 94 Retro 2015
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The absolute definition of a near-forgotten classic — cult classic certainly, anyway — a Nike Air Max 94 retro finally appears poised to come to fruition.

One of a myriad of fondly-remembered Air Max runners that dropped in 1994 — Air Max2 and Air Max Triax 94, among others — the Nike Air Max 94 sports the same sleek, cushy midsole as the oft-retroed Air Burst, but mixes in a distinct leather-on-mesh upper that clearly identifies it as a classic flagship Air Max runner. The ’90s aesthetics are overt, but there’s something timeless about the overall design.

These first two Nike Air Max 94 retro colorways have already touched down in Asia, with a US launch as yet unannounced. Stay tuned.


Nike Air Max 94 Retro 2015

Nike Air Max 94 Retro 2015

Photos via NikeTalk (SinnerP).



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