Air Jordan 11 COLUMBIA, er, LEGEND in Detail

Air Jordan 11 LEGEND BLUE
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Someday I’ll develop consistency in what I call the Air Jordan 11 Columbia Blue, an OG colorway of the iconic XI that will return in 2014, albeit under a new name, the Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue. Today, alas, is not that day.

Thankfully the moniker quagmire in no way affects the aesthetics of the shoe — this one’s a wildly attractive colorway through and through. White leather upper; patent leather mudguard; light blue accents; icy outsole. The Air Jordan 11 Columbia has always been something of a legend, this just makes it official.

Further details and updates as they develop, but at the moment you can expect the Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue née Columbia on shelves December 20.

Air Jordan 11 Retro
White/Legend Blue
Style #: 378037-117
20 December 2014

Air Jordan 11 LEGEND BLUE

Air Jordan 11 LEGEND BLUE

Photos via Bilskii.

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