Air Jordan 11 PANTONE Release Rumored

Air Jordan 11 PANTONE Release
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There are a few Air Jordan 11 Lows launching this summer, before the classic Air Jordan 11 Columbia is expected to return in December, but could it be that another mid could find its way to shelves before the end of the year? Could a quickstrike Air Jordan 11 Pantone release be on the way later this year, say?

That is indeed the rumor, as is currently being promulgated by OregonSole, though I can’t emphasize enough how large a grain of salt you should take this with. Were such a launch to come to fruition however, it’d surely be one of the more conspicuous XI’s to ever hit retail, considering the colorway’s monochromatic baby blue upper that mixes a leather base with patent mudguard, all set atop white midsole and clear outsole.

So again, this is a long way from being confirmed, but would you like to see this one launch publicly? Details as they develop.

Air Jordan 11 PANTONE Release

Photo via Depeche23Mode.



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