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Spiderman Foamposite Release Date

I’ve resisted the nickname for a while, but it appears to have taken hold, so NB will now officially join the masses in calling this the Spiderman Foamposite, hyphen-less diction and all. Self-important admission aside, we have another look at the new colorway today.

A new spin on the recent trend of graphic-printed Foams, the shoe starts with a black Foamposite upper, then ostensibly dips the toe in blue and the heel in red. The result straddles the line between traditional and more modern styling, with solid black trim rounding out the look.

A solid release date is still in the offing, but you can likely expect these on shelves before February is out.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
Style #: 616750-400
Spring 2014

Spiderman Foamposite Release Date

Image via End.

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