Air Jordan 1 Retro 94 | First Look at the AJ1 x AJ10

Air Jordan 1 Retro 94

Despite having just debuted the Air Jordan 11-styled Air Jordan 1 Retro 95 in the last week or so, we’re wasting no time moving forward with the next model, although it represents the previous year. Behold! — the Air Jordan 1 Retro 94, in two early colorways.

Adhering to the same guidelines as the previous AJ1 “Year” drops — that is, AJ1 silhouette; details and colorways of another classic Jordan — the shoe adds the tumbled leather construction, lace “straps” and checkered inner-lining of the Air Jordan 10 to the overall shape and feel of the Air Jordan 1.

The result is a near pitch perfect hybrid, taking all the best features of the X and none of the worst, and amalgamating it with history’s greatest basketball shoe. So . . . does it work?

No release date on the books yet, so stay tuned for updates as they develop.

Air Jordan 1 Retro 94 Black/Venom Green

Air Jordan 1 Retro 94 Black/Red

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