Another Penn State Football Uniform Change

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This year will see another Penn State football uniform change, marking the third consecutive season that the classic jerseys have been tweaked following decades of the status quo. (Names were added last year, and the home jersey’s previously-white collar returned to navy the year before.)

While the updates are fairly minor — they may not even merit a blog post were it another team — this is Penn State, where the fashion tastes are the antithesis of, say, Oregon’s.

The big update is the presence of the Nittany Lion logo, which will now adorn the the base of the v-neck collar, adding a bit more team-specificity to the otherwise neutral jersey.

Secondarily, the Nike Swoosh has been shifted a bit more center-left and now appears on the primary panel, rather than the shoulder area.

Yeah it’s not much, but it’s May and I’m certainly not going to not talk about college football for the next 90-plus days.

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Photos via Lions-Pride.

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