New UConn Uniforms Revealed as Part of School-wide Rebranding

New UConn Uniforms

After hinting at it a week ago, and sharing the new UConn helmet an hour ago, we now unveil a slew of new UConn uniforms — football, basketball and volleyball — resulting from the school’s “updated visual identity.” Essentially the school has undergone a rebranding in order to get all of 24 varsity teams on the same page visually, bringing consistency and uniformity — in colors, lettering, logos, and the like — to every UConn varsity squad.

The biggest change across the board is unquestionably the new Husky head logo, a straight-on graphic that’s a bit more modernized and sporty than the previous iteration. Joining the logo is a new wordmark — done in a custom font called “UConn Extended” — that will adorn most teams’ jerseys, including the chests of the football and basketball shirts.

All in all, the updated identity is meant to aesthetically embrace the school’s brand values — pride, loyalty, excellence, passion, tradition.


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