New Cal Football Uniforms, as School “Brand” is Updated

New Cal Football Uniforms - New Logo

The University of California is the latest school to reveal an updated visual identity, giving all of their uniforms tweaks to both enhance looks and implement brand consistency across all programs. Which of course means new Cal football uniforms.

On the whole, the major changes are simply unifying logo, colors and type usage across every team in the athletic department, but that’s resulted not only in the addition of a third color — gray — but also of a new roaring-bear logo. To quote Nike, the new mark portrays “a powerful, intelligent force that pays homage to the traditional mascot Cal used more than 100 years ago.” Look to the sleeve of the new Cal football uniforms to see the logo.

Typeface gets an overhaul as well, with a new custom font being utilized athletic department-wide and used in new “California” and “Bears” wordmarks to convey a continuity on all teams.

Most importantly, the new Cal brand guidelines are intended to create consistency on athletic uniforms. I underscore the importance of that because it means that many of the beloved images and logos from the last 100 years or so will not go entirely extinct from shirts and hats and the like, they merely won’t appear on Cal uniforms during athletic contests.

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