to Implement Virtual Line-up Save a Spot in Line

Nike continues tweaking their release policies to get the consumer a better overall experience, especially on high-demand drops. After announcing a change to their Twitter RSVP policy earlier this week, a move intended to combat the rise of RSVP bots, the company has now updated their online sales process.

Details are somewhat scant, as the official Nike page doesn’t exactly explain when the new feature will be in effect, but I think we can infer from context. The gist: you may now receive a “We Saved You a Spot in Line” message when attempting to grab a popular shoe online, meaning do not close or reload your browser and, should the shoe become available, you’ll get a pair once your spot in the queue comes up.

Presumably, the “Spot in Line” function will activate once all the shoes are in carts, and this is a way to mete out pairs that become available after shopping carts expire or are emptied by the user. Anyway . . . FYI.

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