Nike Twitter RSVP Improved, Bots Defeated (Hopefully)

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The Nike Twitter RSVP policy was altered today, a proactive move by the company to level the playing field and make actual human users more likely to successfully reserve shoes, striking a blow to the increasingly effective RSVP bots.

Essentially, the RSVP process remains largely unchanged, with one minor (but substantial) update. A somewhat complex Captcha-style image will now be tweeted out by Nike stores featuring a number of unique tags, one of which will be circled. The circled tag will need to be included in tweets that successfully reserve a pair of shoes, thus effectively making obsolete bots that can tweet instantly, but not cognitively.

As always, Nike’s Twitter RSVP policy is located here, and you should be following your local Nike store to use it. (Here are the updated rules for the Nike Portland location as an example.)

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