Nike Hyper Elite Road Uniforms | Six More Teams

Nike Hyper Elite Road Uniform

The Nike Hyper Elite Road Uniforms are the latest special series from Nike Basketball, incorporating innovative technology — such as lightweight and moisture-wicking Dri-FIT construction, laser-cut ventilation and slimmer fits — with conspicuously striking visuals.

The uniform of each team — Texas, USC, Georgetown, Ohio State, Duke, Villanova, pictured here; Gonzaga, Michigan State, Kentucky and UNC already unveiled — features a colorful road palette, a chest that entirely forgoes team/school name in favor of oversized logo and numbers, and a team-specific script on the back nameplate.

The dates each uniform is debuted are as follows: Michigan State on 1/27; Baylor (women) on 1/30; Villanova on 1/30; USC on 1/30, Ohio State Buckeyes on 2/5; UNC on 2/9; Stanford (women) on 2/15; Georgetown on 2/15; Kentucky on 2/16; Duke on 2/16; Texas on 2/16; UConn (women) on 3/4. Clickable gallery below.

Photos via LL.

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