Nike Sportswear ‘Black History Month’ Collection

Earlier today we brought you a detailed look at the Nike Basketball BHM line, and now we can officially unveil the Nike Sportswear Black History Month collection — release date expected for January 26th.

This year, the BHM collection celebrates not only Black History Month, but also the impact that sports can have on society. As such, the collection was designed around three athletes — Kevin Durant, Serena Williams, Didier Drogba — who are not only dominant in their sport, but also leaders in their communities. Each athlete has a special logo that adorns one of the shoes, while an athlete-specific graphic is also emblazoned across the insole.

Drogba’s soccer ball-light bulb mark appears on the AF1 Downtown BHM, celebrating his ongoing project that brings solar light bulbs to poverty-stricken parts of Africa.

Serena’s lightning bolt-tennis ball graphic covers the Dunk Sky Hi BHM, a nod to how she empowers the next generation of girls, including through the secondary school she had built in Kenya.

Finally, Kevin Durant’s basketball hoop-in-clouds logo appears on the Air Force 1 Foamposite BHM, inspired by KD’s relationship with his hometown recreation center in Seat Pleasant, MD and the support he’s given to it.

Furthermore, all three athletes were used as inspiration and integrated in the stylish pattern that appears on every piece in the 2013 Black History Month Collection.

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