New Navy Uniform for Army-Navy Game

It’s not quite breaking news, seeing as how we gave you a first look a few weeks back, but today we’ve got detailed official images of the new Navy uniform for Saturday’s Army-Navy Game. (Check out the new Army uniform here, too.)

In addition to cutting edge innovation — Flywire collars to eliminates layers, strategically placed seams and cooling zones to streamline and optimize breathability, Pro Combat Deflex padding integrated into the uniform, and so on — the new kit gives a nod to the Navy as a whole, not just those taking the field.

The gear is inspired by the traditional dress white uniform worn throughout the US Navy — a uniform that symbolizes achievement, authority and superlative commitment and professionalism.

The color-blocking and letter/number font draw from the precision and speed of US Navy aircraft, while the helmet design parallels a Naval Officer’s cover, featuring a thick gold stripe angled down, representing the gold braid and the way it’s traditionally worn.

The jerseys, as well as a number of themed t-shirts, hats and the like designed around these special uniforms, are now available. Buy them here.

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