New Ohio State Football Uniforms for Michigan Game?

Continuing with the “new Ohio State uniforms?” theme we just introduced, it looks like the Buckeyes may just be sporting some new, retro-inspired kits for their rivalry game with Michigan. tOSU’s team store leaked the above (and below) photo, displaying a subtly tweaked Ohio State uniform, including a grey outline on the numbers; wider striping at shoulders, pants and helmets; and Pro Combat-style updates like logo gloves and shoulder design transposed onto the base layer. Hit the jump for one, more-detailed photo and stay tuned for plenty more.

Update (11/20): Full look at the new Ohio State uniforms here.

Just a quick note: In looking at the stuff that’s leaked so far and the type of apparel that Nike is releasing to support the tOSU/UM game, I’d say the new uniforms are a virtual lock, though “new” almost certainly just means “small aesthetic updates,” with an emphasis on function over fashion, similar to what USC and Florida State did earlier this year. (Although it looks like the helmets will be drastically different. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the ultra-reflective helmet trend.)

Also, if you’re able to shed a little more light on the new tOSU gear, by all means let me know.

New Ohio State Football Uniforms

H/T Matt M.

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