Camo UConn Basketball Uniform

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As Friday creeps nearer, bringing with it four armed forces-themed college hoops games that will be played on air bases and aircraft carriers, the camouflage uniforms of the teams involved have begun leaking. Yesterday it was Michigan State, today it’s the camo UConn basketball uniform, featuring a digital camouflage print similar to, albeit lighter than, the Spartans’ style. (They are playing each other after all — can’t be too similar.) Hit the jump for a fuller look and stay tuned for gear from SDSU, Syracuse, Marquette, Georgetown, Florida and Ohio State.

UConn and Michigan State face off November 9th in the Armed Forces Classic, played on Germany’s Ramstein Air Base, the home of the US Air Forces in Europe. (Images via @KevinRDuffy)

Camo UConn Basketball Jersey



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