First Look: New 2012 Oregon Ducks Jerseys

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We brought you a first look at the new Oregon football helmets last week, and today we’ll take it up a notch. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the best early look at the new 2012 Oregon Ducks jerseys. (Edit: I’ve changed this a couple of times now, but I’ll firmly take a side now – these must be retail jerseys, as the tail and sleeves are all wrong for on-field performance.)

They essentially feature the template from the Ducks Rose Bowl jerseys, with new colors added in as well as some minor aesthetic tweaks. Sexy, no? Naturally, these being those fashionable Ducks, another jersey or two isn’t just possible, it’s expected, but we’ll bring you updates as soon as we get them (hint: tune in tomorrow).


Photo credit to Mike D with a big H/T to Nathan Reid.

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