First Look: New 2012 Oregon Ducks Uniforms & Helmets

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You’ve been waiting, and while it looks like we’ll get an official unveiling of the new 2012 Oregon Ducks uniforms and helmets on August 22nd (unconfirmed by probable), today we have a sneak peak for you. All the usual “these might not be real” disclaimers, though they appear pretty legit to me.

Most notably, the “liquid metal” helmet we saw in the Rose Bowl is back in two new versions, one sporting an allover green look and another featuring a silver coloring similar to that Rose Bowl lid, but with a carbon fiber-style print. Finally, Kelly green is back in the rotation, as we saw on last year’s “Fighting Ducks” jersey, though this one will sport shoulder wings rather than the duck head. To the jump!

UPDATE (8/21): Looks like we’ve got a photo of the new Oregon Ducks jerseys, too.

UPDATE (8/22): Official images of the 2012 Oregon Ducks uniforms are now up. Click.

New Oregon Ducks Uniforms

New Oregon Ducks Chrome Helmet

Photos via DuckTerritory.

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