New Minnesota Football Uniforms

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The Golden Gophers are the first football team to get a postseason makeover, with the new University of Minnesota football uniforms being debuted Friday. Using the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress technology, Minnesota uniforms are directly at the intersection of fashion and function.

While the tech is arguably the biggest upgrade here, achieving the Pro Combat priorities of lightweight, breathable and streamlined, the aesthetics are perhaps the most impressive. Three jerseys were created to go along with three different pants (maroon, gold and white in each) fully showcasing the school colors.

An entirely new font was developed, based off a single number that was found from a 1940 jersey. Adding a cool effect to that font, both the white and gold jerseys feature a subtle brick pattern taken from one of the walls of Memorial Stadium.

On the front of the jersey, the block M logo appears just below the collar, with “MINNESOTA” migrating to the back of the jersey, replacing the name (as a reminder that this is the state’s team).

And of course there’s the new Minnesota football helmet, a remarkable maroon affiar sporting the currently-popular matte-style finish.

Read more about the technology that goes into this uniform here, an article written when the tech was first unveiled.



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