First Look: Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl Uniforms

When the Ducks secured a third straight Pac-12 Championship, most probably figured it was only a matter of time before a brand new Oregon Rose Bowl uniform was debuted. And, well … those people would be right. Take a look at the just-unveiled 2012 Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl uniforms that we’ll see January 2nd in Pasadena, against a Wisconsin Badgers team that is rumored to have a special look of its own. The wings and ‘O’ are still there, but in a very different manner, with the former being moved to the helmet. A helmet (detailed look at the Oregon Rose Bowl helmet here) which sports an extra-shiny look due to its liquid metal black finish.

While the uniforms feature a new look for the Ducks, the most significant distinction in the 2012 Oregon Pro Combat System of Dress uniforms is the performance. The gear incorporates the new Nike Chain Maille Mesh, which is focused around increased thermoregulation and breathability, as well as lightweight protection.

Nike Pro Combat Deflex padding continues the theme, maximizing protection in crucial areas while wicking away sweat and enhancing air flow. Likewise, the Flywire collar eliminates a layer of fabric, providing stability and anchoring the jersey while reducing bulk and weight and allowing for air-flow. All in all, the new Pro Combat System of Dress uniform features 16 different materials, all used with the goal of creating the lightest uniform possible, while improving protection, air flow and, overall, performance. Plenty of looks at the Rose Bowl Oregon Pro Combat uniform below.

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