2011 Georgia Pro Combat Uniform

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The 2011 Georgia Pro Combat uniform was unveiled today, a look they’ll sport opening weekend against Boise State. The uniforms feature the typical cutting edge performance aspects, such as streamlined construction, ideally placed seams, pads and cooling zones for a built-for-speed fit, and stabilizing Flywire to add strength without adding bulk and weight. In terms of aesthetics, the uniform is pretty non-traditional, courtesy of the monochromatic jersey-pants combo and out-of-the-ordinary helmet. The extra-wide stripe over the helmet is a great and rather unique look made all the more eye-catching by the fact that it actually covers the facemask, too (is this a first?). Hit the jump for plenty more views and click here for a full list of Pro Combat 2011 teams, and when they’ll wear the uniforms. (Oregon and Boise State have already been debuted.)

Update:The Georgia Pro Combat gloves are now available on Eastbay.

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