New Oklahoma State Football Uniforms

The new Oklahoma State football uniforms are being unveiled today, and NikeBlog has a detailed early look. (I don’t believe even OSU’s website has them up yet.) These are the uniforms that the athletic department said would turn them into the “Oregon of the Midwest,” and it looks like that may just be the case. (In terms of selection, anyway.)

The combinations are endless, going for four each of jerseys and pants (white,black, orange, grey) and three helmets (white, grey and black). Highlights definitely include an all black look (with what may be a flat black helmet) and the grey jersey. And the flat grey helmet is pretty tight as well. Really everything just looks outstanding, and the Cowboys get the benefit of having black as an actual school color, thus avoiding the BFBS argument. Photos via

For comparison’s sake, check out the new uniforms of: Arizona State, Washington State, Kentucky, TCU, Wyoming, Colorado and Baylor. (All set to debut this season.)

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