New Baylor Football Uniforms

New Baylor football uniforms from Nike today, as the Bears from Waco are the latest school to opt for a redesign. This ought to be considered more of a minor upgrade really though, as the looks have been tweaked for the most part with no huge departures. And for the most part this is irrelevant, being that RG3 is so fast that he typically only appears as a gold-and-green blur.

The school will continue to have both gold and white helmets, green and white jerseys, and gold, white and green pants (no photos of green yet, sorry). As you’d expect, Nike has upgraded the tech on the uniforms as well, adding visible Flywire to the shoulder pads for added strength and stability while reducing weight.

The biggest aesthetic change to the jersey is probably the shoulders, where gold-outlined numbers now appear, rather than the interlocking BU that’s graced Baylor jerseys for the last several years.

For those interested in comparing to other new uniforms this year, click to check Arizona State, Washington State, Kentucky, TCU and Wyoming, to name a few.

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