New Wyoming Football Uniforms

With the college football season thankfully nearing, more and more teams are unveiling the new gear they’ll sport come Saturdays in the fall, as we’ve already seen from Arizona State, Washington State, Kentucky, Rutgers and TCU. Today brings us our first look at the new Wyoming Football uniforms and they are some really good ones. I’ve always been a big fan (I know I may be in the minority) of Wyoming’s color-scheme, and thankfully that continues this season. The major changes come through addition: Cowboys now have a choice of three different pants, three different jerseys and three helmets (two different white helmets).

The jerseys, two of which feature visible Flywire on the shoulder pads for enhanced durability and reduced weight, come in the classic brown with gold trim and white numbers, as well as a home alternate–gold with brown numbers. Naturally they still have a white away jersey, but the front now reads “WYO,” with gold panels down the sides.

The team also has pants in each of those three colors, allowing for monotone looks as well as mix-and-matching, with the brown pants reading “COWBOYS” down the side. And most impressively, there are now two white Wyoming football helmets and a brown: a more traditional white helmet with a gold-outlined brown cowboy, a white helmet with a brown-outlined gold cowboy, and a new, absolutely beautiful flat brown helmet with glossy brown cowboy, the first brown helmet the team will wear since 1976.

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