New Arizona State Uniforms, Logo

New Arizona State Football Uniforms

As mentioned a few days back, today brings us looks at the new Arizona State football uniforms, new logos (for the helmets anyway) and basically just new branding for the athletic department as a whole. Gone is the big focus on Sparky the Sun Devil, now leaning more toward the sleeker pitchfork logo. While the new stuff looks very cool—definitely a kind of Pro Combat look going on with the football uniforms—it remains to be seen how the fanbase will react. Obviously the new designs weren’t done through alumni voting and there’s a good chance that Sun Devil nation is very attached to the old design and the Sparky-adorned helmets; despite that, will they embrace the new looks? If there’s one thing that I’ve learned through years of studying college football, it’s that college football fans are eager to embrace departure from tradition …

New Washington State football uniforms were unveiled last night, too. Click here to take a look and compare. And here, to see the new TCU uniforms.

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