Nike Hyper Elite–New West Virginia Uniforms

West Virginia Hyper Elite Uniforms (Away)

It seems like every D1 college outfitted by Nike these days is getting the new Hyper Elite uniforms (Illinois, for example, just a couple days ago); not to be left out, WVU is joining the party. The new West Virginia basketball uniforms will come in three colors—the navy-aways, white-homes and gold-home alternates—with the typical aesthetic and performance features of the Nike Hyper Elite sets: significantly lighter construction, ergonomic design for better fit and airflow, laser-perforated ventilation holes through the shorts, school-specific “mural” on the back of the jersey under the numbers. According to the school, if the Mountaineers don’t opt to wear black Sunday against USF, you can expect them to debut the white Nike West Virginia Hyper Elite uniforms. Check out looks at everything below the cut.

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