Oregon Ducks National Championship Uniform …

Oregon Ducks National Championship Uniform

So Nike held their press conference a little early yesterday, because it would seem that they’ve already changed their minds about the design of the Oregon uniforms for the national championship. Too many complaints about “not enough green and yellow” and what have you, so they’re giving the fans what they want. Gradient green and yellow from head to toe, creating an all-over blurring sensation, like The Flash (Barry Allen, not Wally West) if he wore a Ducks uniform. Or I’m making all this up and it’s just an interesting design created by BenzDuck. One or the other. But actually the option about me making it up. If you found your way here looking for the actual bowl uniforms, you’re going to want to click here. I’m putting the over/under at 3 days before someone (likely in the South) takes the above design and starts spreading it as the real Ducks uniform; feel free to lock in your wagers.

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