Nike College Football Uniform Changes in 2010

College Football Uniform Changes in 2010

Lot of Nike schools will be sporting new college football uniforms (or slightly tweaked ones, anyway) in 2010, in addition to the handful of schools getting one-game special edition unis. (More on that tomorrow.) Most uniform changes have already been documented here on NB, but for those of you looking to compare all the schools across the board, this is just for you. Below, check out close looks at the updated jerseys, pants, helmets, et al of Utah State, Arkansas, Florida State, Arizona, Syracuse, North Carolina, Virginia, UCF and Michigan State. And for good measure, I’ll throw in the FCS Portland State Vikings. Make sure you click the school name above for a little more detail. There are a few other changes around the nation, but these are just the Nike schools. The season kicks off on Thursday night, so make sure you take Friday off work.

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