New Oregon Ducks Football Uniforms

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New Oregon Ducks Football Uniforms
New Oregon Ducks Football Uniforms

The University of Oregon unveiled the new Oregon football uniforms for 2009 today. A quick rundown shows four helmets: green, white, matte black and “steel,” a silver, carbon-dipped helmet. Four jerseys with silver wings on the shoulder pads—green, white, yellow and black—as well as a white jersey with green wings. And finally four pairs of pants: green, black, silver and white.

Global creative director for Nike apparel Todd Van Horne was on hand at the university to show the advancements made with the new Oregon Ducks uniforms. They include, among other things:
Nike Pro Combat–uniforms are “locked down and battle-ready”
Laminated Numbers, not tackle twill. They will not absorb moisture, keeping the jerseys light
Laminate anti-abrasion shoulder reinforcement in the form of wings, rather than last season’s diamond plating
Zoned non-critical areas to lighten the whole uniform
Titanium D-Rings on belt rather than steel

All in all, the new uniforms are 25% lighter and have a more “shrink-wrapped fit.” The jerseys alone have been reduced from 7.46 ounces to 5.5. And of course, in keeping with past years, the Oregon Ducks players had a great deal of input on what would and would not go into the 2009’s new Oregon Ducks football uniforms. All in all, the players will have 80 different uniform combinations to choose from each Saturday.

This is just reaffirming why I love the UO. How sick is that all silver combination? Dope stuff. And for those that say that Oregon is only about the uniforms, Coach Chip Kelly mentioned that they did win 10 games last year and if you think it’s just about the clothes, wait until Saturdays in the fall.

UPDATE: HQ Photos added!

UPDATE: Jerseys now for sale

UPDATE x3: Got that 2009 college football preview up for week 1. Holler!



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