Breaking News: Antonio Margarito Suspended

The California State Athletic Commission has suspended Antonio Margarito’s boxing license for at least a year, ESPN and the LA Times are reporting. This comes in the wake of the revelation that Margarito attempted to use illegal hand wraps in his bout with Shane Mosley. Mosley’s trainer, Nazim Richardson, spotted the wraps in Margarito’s locker room prior to the fight; the wraps were confiscated and Margarito was allowed to fight. Mosley outboxed Margarito in dominating fashion en route to a ninth round TKO victory.

Supervising deputy attorney general Karen Chappelle, in charge of prosecuting Margarito and his trainer, Javier Capetillo, also claimed that Margarito wore similar handwraps in his TKO victory over Miguel Cotto, however the commission dismissed that claim as irrelevant.

Just a few moments before Maragarito suspension, the commission voted to revoke Capetillo’s license. As expected, he attempted to shoulder the brunt of the blame, saying that Maragarito was unaware that Capetillo “accidentally” used the faulty handwraps.

Details are still emerging, watch this space for updates. The revocation means Margarito will be unable to receive licensing anywhere in the US for a year. At that point he will have to reapply in California, at which point the CSAC will decide whether to grant him a license. Picture courtesy of LA Times.

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