Ankle Insurance Co.

Nike and Kobe Bryant have a new website up, (click the picture to see the whole full image), devoted to ankle insurance in the form of the Nike Zoom Kobe IV. Interesting Highlights? Looks like something is happening on the site tomorrow, when you can “join the team.” The text of the site reads:


Broken ankles can happen at anytime. Don’t let your friends, loved ones or opponents suffer from slow game any longer. If your superior quickness has ever broken someone’s ankles, don’t just laugh at them. Get them the piece of mind they so desperately need.

After a lifetime of breaking my opponent’s ankles, I’m giving back to those in need.

Starting this Friday, January 16th, you can join me and help the broken ballers out there get back on their feet. Come back to check out the fancy new Ankle Insurance Co. website and learn more about ankle insurance and the revolutionary Zoom Kobe IV. Then recommend a plan to someone you know.


Kobe Bryant
President and CEO and CFO and CMO and Owner

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