Air Penny Hybrid: Nike Air 1/2 Cent

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Just like 2008, it looks like Nike will try to make 2009 the year of the hybrid, leaking photos of yet another just a week into 2009. This time though, it’s a mashup of several shoes worn by Penny Hardaway: the Nike Air Penny 1, Air Penny 2, Air Penny 3, Air Penny 4, and Nike Air Foamposite. The Nike Air 1/2 cent drops in March in a limited release, both in a black and royal blue colorway as well as an all black. The Air 1/2 Cent is also something of an homage to Lil’ Penny as it’s named for his jersey number (“1/2”) and bares his face on the sole.

The shoe is kind of cool, but only because it resembles the Air Penny 1. Apparently Nike didn’t get the memo that people wear shoes IN SPITE of foam, not because of it. Anyway, the shoe is probably rockable but at $190 I’ll be saving my money for something else.

Nike Air 1/2 Cent Release Date: March/2009, Price $190

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